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Enjoy smoked aged duck from our dry-ager!

For lovers of our aged steaks, we have a tip for a unique gastronomic experience! You can now enjoy a true feast at River's smokelab with new Peking Duck plate with smoked aged duck! 

The ducks are aged as a whole for one week, during which time the meat becomes tender and its flavour is enhanced. Unlike our aged steaks, we not only age the duck, but also smoke it in a smoker on apple wood at 110 degrees for 8 hours. Before the whole process, we coat it with maltose and mirin, which gives the skin its signature colour and makes it beautifully caramelised. The rich flavour is then created during the actual smoking process, when the duck is infused with lemongrass, star anise, ginger and apple. 

The duck comes served along with kimchi wonton dumplings, marinated Judas ear, sesame bao buns, fresh Thai salad with mango and peanuts, jasmine rice and five scent sauce.


Haven't heard of River's yet?

For those of you who are just now discovering us, River's smokelab is our newly opened experimental restaurant on the Smíchov riverbank, where you will find a fusion of Czech and international cuisine with the smell of smoke! We are preparing for you the most exquisite dinners with lots of experiment. Read more about our concept below and come and experience a unique gastronomic experience in Smíchov!