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Come and enjoy the world's most premium aged steaks of the highest quality!

You've probably noticed the dry ager in our restaurant, but have you ever tasted one of the premium aged steaks? Come and enjoy the world's most premium steaks of the highest quality with USDA certification! We've added two aged specialties from our dry ager to our menu, T-bone steak and Striploin steak!

Which one should you choose? T-bone or striploin . . .

On one piece of T-bone steak you will find two types of meat. You can enjoy both the more tender meat of the filet mignon and closer to the bone you can find the more pronounced taste of the striploin. Because of its size, the T-bone steak is ideal for sharing.

Striploin on the other hand has only one type of meat. Thanks to the aging process, the steak retains its juiciness and premiumness even with more well done preparation. However, if you want to enjoy the quality of these meats as much as possible, we recommend ordering medium rare.

What makes this steak premium?

Several factors can influence the quality of the meat and the main one is the way the cattle are being treated. Stress-free treatment, free-range farming and humane slaughter of cattle have a big impact on the taste and texture of the meat. One of the strict standards of USDA certification is also the age of the cattle. Category "A" meat is cattle at the youngest stage of maturity, which ensures better meat color, texture, firmness and tenderness. Only young cattle, 12-16 months old, are selected. Last but not least, the quality can also be seen by looking at the steak itself. You can notice a high quality steak by it's fine marbling distributed evenly across the whole surface of the meat. And USDA-certified meat is always of the highest quality.

Aging process

Aging is the very best way to prepare meat, and with ours, this process happens twice! The meat is sourced from farmers in Nebraska, USA, and the first stage of aging, 30 days of wet aging in a vacuum, takes place already during transport to the restaurant. We then age the steaks in our dry ager for up to 5 weeks. Dry aging in our aging refrigerator intensifies the flavor, balances the pH and makes the meat considerably juicier. Aging also affects the texture of the meat. It becomes so tender that the meat tastes as tender as fresh one.